and Results

The implementation and development of the Biogas’ generation plant required an investment of more than $20,000,000 USD from private sources in order to prevent the municipality of Juarez from allocating economic resources for this project.

In addition, the clean energy generated in Biogas provides substantial savings for municipalities because it is cheaper than that produced from fossil fuels.

In environmental terms, in a period of 10 years, Biogas has managed to mitigate 970,824 tons of carbon dioxide equivalent to the emissions that a million cars generate during a year. Besides, 153,190,983 Gigawatt hours of electricity have been produced in the generation plant from renewable sources equivalent to the energy required by 1,500,000 Mexican households during one month.

The processes of Biogas are periodically subjected to audits carried out by executives from United Nations in order to ensure that the guidelines established by the current international standard are met.

In June of 2016, the UN re-certified the company for the fifth time, identifying it as an important eliminator source of emissions of greenhouse gases in northern Mexico and in the southern United States.


The Biogas project is exemplary, because:

* Promotes the participation of projects from the government and the private finance initiative.
* Contributes to create a culture of care for the environment.
* Strengthens the proper management of residential and commercial waste.
* Eliminates greenhouse gas emissions.
* Generates green energy with renewable sources.
* Offers electricity prices lower than the official rate for street lighting.
* Create new jobs.
* Apply cutting-edge technology in their processes.
* Common practice in developed countries, pioneer in Mexico.
* Example of international cooperation in the preservation of the environment.